Sunday, July 8, 2012

On My Love List: THE Penny Sale

If you've ever been to my house, then you've seen first-hand my obsession with framed photos and personal art. (But if you haven't, you're welcome take a virtual tour here.)

I'd just SOOOOOOO much rather decorate clutter my walls with images of people and places that I love, and general "framable" tokens that mean something special. More personal, more fun. I truly enjoy looking at them, and reflecting on that moment EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

Side note: This is FOR SURE the best gift you could buy a new Mom... An all-time favorite of mine.  

However, I'll be honest, my love affair with frames and custom mattes can come between me and my organized family budget. 

But {John} it's ok, there's a solution... THE Aaron Brothers Annual Penny Sale!

I look forward to this shopping event more than Black Friday, more than Cyber Monday, and more {maybe} than even the holiday shopping season! Buy one frame, ANY ONE YOU'D LIKE, and get a second for just one cent! 

Makes cents to me. ;)

So, every July I take an inventory of items/photos I've filed for framing, make a list and hit the sale!

Today was the big day and although, to be honest, it wasn't the best (Audrey was more than a handful, the staff was less than friendly, they cut my custom matte incorrectly making me return to the store, etc) I'm still really excited about my new additions to this historical collection of framed amazingness...

Father's Day, 2012

From left to right:
Audrey's first-ever work of art. Learn more about it here.
A special note Audrey and I received last month from the bride-to-be, Amy. Learn more about it here

Now, where can I buy more wall space? 

love, kerry

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