Sunday, July 22, 2012

Potty Time!

Really, really behind on my posts... 
Sorry! I'll do my best to catch up quickly.

And so, speaking of behind. Audrey got her 1st POTTY last weekend! We went all out, and made the entire experience exciting and celebratory. Such a big day for such a big girl! When we arrived at the store and found the potty aisle, we were pleasantly surprised by the numerous and diverse options. Who knew there'd be a market for at least 30 versions of baby toilets?

And, it took our little girl, oooooohhh, about 3 seconds to pick out her favorite...



She was so happy. As if we were with the REAL Mickey Mouse at Disneyland (from a non-scary distance, of course). She would not let it go....not in the store.... not for the cashier....and certainly not in the car.


I wish there was more to say about the literal potty experience once we got home. 
Audrey really just thought it was a new, pretty toy. (That also sings 'hooray' when flushed).

We brought out our potty training book she loves to much, the reason for buying the potty in the first place, and we studied....and practiced.

She was more or less focused and interested (for a 22-month-old). 

But, then a good song would start playing in the other room, and she'd immediately be distracted by the NEED to DANCE!!!!

Who could blame her? 

It is a party potty after all.

We'll get there soon enough.

love, kerry

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