Monday, August 27, 2012

Good Thoughts...

I have so many AMAZING friends and relatives who are back-to-work today... In their classrooms.
Actually, I think a few of you {eh em, like Emily and Ananda} may already be back. Different states, different schedules.

Regardless, happy back-to-school!!! 

I hope you enjoyed a relaxing, adventure-filled summer vacation, but it's gotta come to an end at some point! Besides, there are excited, motivated students waiting for you! So much fun!!

Hope you have an A+ day! 

And, speaking of excited and motivated students ready to learn....

Go get 'em, Ian!!!! We can't believe you're in the FIRST grade already. Wow. 

One more year for you Cole, then Kindergarten!!

love, kerry

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Donner Day!

love, kerry


Cousins from the beginning...

Friends 'til the end.

E-Tole, you're all she can talk about. 

love, {aunt} kerry

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Take 2

I realize that you're probably a super fan and follow both love, kerry, and my agency's blog... BUT, this news is so MAJOR, it merited a duplicate post!

Meet Jill.

We first met in Leadership class at Bishop ManogueHow appropriate, and Go Miners! I was a senior, and she was a newbie freshman. Obviously, we both shared a love of planning {pep rallies}, managing {school elections}, organizing {spirit squads}, and networking {with lots of friends}. Leadership fits PR pros, I think. 

Then, naturally our paths crossed often at the University of Nevada, Reno J-School, the occasional Nevada Greek event, and more. We both enjoyed a study-abroad-adventure during college (Jill en espanol, and me en fracais). And since then, and perhaps most importantly, have each worked extremely hard to to learn and grow as public relations professionals. 

Jill is a brilliant writer, and thinker. She knows how to create and execute PR plans that are effective for clients, and make a real difference. She has impeccable taste, style, and a sincere appreciation for {real} good food…and wine. Oh, and her positive attitude, awesome sense of humor and undeniable Nevada pride (like only a native can understand) are ridiculously amazing extras. 

She's simply… Major.

Jill, you are the best addition to K. Sutherland PR that I could have ever wished for, and I'm beyond thrilled you're the agency's new PR Director {but also, my good friend}. Welcome! I know you'll love it here! 

love, kerry

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Our time in Twin was fantastic!!! It was so wonderful to see everyone {it's rare these days that we're all in the same city}, and looking back through all the photos and videos- I can't believe how much fun we packed into four days!

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE for being an amazing host, chef, gardner, clown, paddler, driver, babysitter, and more.... We really appreciate everything.

One of my very favorite blogs, #Mato&Amy, has a fabulous recap published about our ultimate family vacation in Twin. Click here if you haven't seen it.

If you can believe it, these videos are actually time savers for me and have become easier than lengthy posts and edited photos.

I hope you enjoy!! It's a little long, but the trip was full of so many awesome moments! I couldn't cut anything out!

love, kerry


Happy 30.5 Birthday!!!

It's too bad you were on call, but at least we were all together. Hope you enjoyed the little surprise party, especially for you!!!

You should know that Audrey's been really looking forward to your half birthday party. And, not only did Audrey paint your gift, but she also wanted to pick out the wrapping paper...

She really loves you. 

I thought the half, half-birthday cake was a hit. 

 Hope your half birthday wishes come whole true. 


love, kerry

Friday, August 10, 2012

Do Over.

Just about six months ago, I totally dropped the ball. 

It was John's BIG 30th birthday, and I honestly did NOTHING to make it special. The poor guy didn't even get a card.

Sooooooooooo not me! I love birthdays, parties, planning, celebrating...And, drinking champagne....oh, and cake. 

You all probably know why I let his birthday come and go with zero effort or thoughtfulness on my part (and, if for some reason you don't, click here). The timing was... off, but still amazing and so wonderful for me personally and our family, but just off.

I needed a re-do. 
So, I scheduled one.

About five months and three weeks ago I marked my calendar:

July 11: Start planning John's surprise half birthday party.
July 15: Have you ordered John's half birthday presents?
August 1: Ready for John's half birthday party?
August 6th: Order John's half, half-birthday cake.
August 10: Decorate, wrap and cook. SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY by 4pm!

Can't wait for you to come home, babe!

love, kerry