Friday, August 10, 2012

Do Over.

Just about six months ago, I totally dropped the ball. 

It was John's BIG 30th birthday, and I honestly did NOTHING to make it special. The poor guy didn't even get a card.

Sooooooooooo not me! I love birthdays, parties, planning, celebrating...And, drinking champagne....oh, and cake. 

You all probably know why I let his birthday come and go with zero effort or thoughtfulness on my part (and, if for some reason you don't, click here). The timing was... off, but still amazing and so wonderful for me personally and our family, but just off.

I needed a re-do. 
So, I scheduled one.

About five months and three weeks ago I marked my calendar:

July 11: Start planning John's surprise half birthday party.
July 15: Have you ordered John's half birthday presents?
August 1: Ready for John's half birthday party?
August 6th: Order John's half, half-birthday cake.
August 10: Decorate, wrap and cook. SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY by 4pm!

Can't wait for you to come home, babe!

love, kerry

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