Sunday, September 2, 2012

Short & Sweet

Friday's evening sunset was ridiculous. 
The waves were H-U-G-E (this picture does no justice), 
and a beautiful full-moon lit up the sky. 

Nights like this remind us how lucky we are to be living in southern California.

We decided Audrey (mostly) deserved a treat after dinner, so we walked to Ruby's, the 50s-inspired, iconic diner at the end of the HB Pier for some dessert. 

It was pretty sweet.

Hope you're enjoying Labor Day Weekend too! 

Audrey and I are off to LAX now.

Hey Reno, lamb roast crew and K. Sutherland PR, 
we're coming in hot!

Dada, we'll "misssssssssssssssss-you-eweewewew".

love, kerry

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