Saturday, September 15, 2012

Speaking of...

Dear Amy,

OMG- you're in India. And, OMG, I didn't even get to say/Skype goodbye. I'm the worst person-future-sister-in-law-friend-bridesmaid EVER. You know how many times I marked my calendar about your trip? One week before: "Call Amy. She leaves next week."...4 days before: "Skype with Amy."... 2 days before: "Blog on love, kerry about Amy leaving."...1 day before: "Skype with Amy. She leaves tomorrow!!!!!!".

And, I did NONE of those things.
You know it's important when it's on my calendar too, by the way. 

I'm so sorry. I miss you already! You've just begun such an amazing, forever-changing kind of experience. I'm really happy for you. I know it took tremendous work to get there. I mean, they're just not passing out the Fulbright to anyone.

Oh, and by the way, Audrey talks about you all the time. We were in the car last week discussing princesses, and she said "Amy" was her favorite princess when I asked about it. True story.


Speaking of Amy...

Dear Mato,

I've really been thinking about you a lot. Your fiance just LEFT for nine months, holy cow... How are you doing? It's going to go super fast, and you're super focused and driven at your job. That will really help. Time goes so fast. And, we are so totally here for you too. Wanna get away to sunny southern California? The door's always open. Let's Skype soon.

Speaking of doors....

Dear Jason,

How's your remodel coming along? Last time I saw it, things were looking G-O-O-D. Can't wait to bring all my hot, single friends over for a party.

You're welcome.

And, how's Ian doing in school? And Cole? We miss you boys. 

See you next week? Audrey and I will be in town.


And, speaking of being in town....

Dear Mom and Aleshia, 

THANK YOU so much for making the trip to HB for Audrey's 2nd Birthday and slumber party!!! Although unlike me, I really had no time for planning. I think everything turned out perfect though, and I'm so glad her Grandma and aunties were able to join the fun!! Although, the toys/clothes/shoes/accessories were just too much... I'm still unwrapping everything. No joke.

Slumber Party Part II- next week. Should be fun! It's been too long for Mike.


But, speaking of Papas...  


Trust me, I (including Audrey...and John too) didn't forget about Grandparent's Day on September 9th!! We were thinking of you. In fact, Audrey even made you a card:

She's really sweet.

I'd say that I could mail it off to you, even though it's late. But, have you seen my house lately? There's NO WAY I'm going to find it in this mess.

I did, however, break down and get a maid. 


Speaking of maids.......

My work is going amazing. There's WAY TOO MUCH TO DISCUSS that's been keeping me so busy (and honestly, from blogging on love, kerry), but things are fabulous. 

In fact, major. I'll drink to that. 

Did you know we had an agency retreat? I hosted a 4-day creative work/fun weekend in southern California for my employees. It was the best ever

I'm so lucky. 

You can read what everyone had to say about it here: 

The retreat was immediately followed by a two-day-stay at the Cosmo in Las Vegas for another work event. 



But, speaking of work...

This guy, is also working HARD.

Oh, and not sleeping... Like, at all. 

Dear John,

You're amazing. You work so hard, and you're so good at being a radiologist. 




Oh, and not to mention... You're the very best dad in the world. 
Oh, and you're a hottie.


I'm so lucky.

love, kerry

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Aaaamy said...

Awwww, what a great post! I love the pictures and you are a fantastic soon-to-be sister-in-law so don't you dare say otherwise! Plenty of time for Skype while I'm here :) The retreat looks amazing; I'm really glad it went well!