Sunday, October 7, 2012


After a 5ish-hour girl's road trip from Fresno this morning, Audrey deserved a few hours at the beach to run, play, stretch, burn energy...

I can't believe how well she travels though.

And, not to mention, John needed a few hours to sleep recover from working all night Saturday... Before heading into another night shift tonight. Brutal.

So, Audrey and I quickly unloaded the car while John tried to sleep, then grabbed the stroller and walked downtown. It was really hot today, and super busy at the beach. But, I was happy to score a sweet beach-sitting spot. Right in front of a women's beach volleyball, doubles tournament. 

Audrey dug volleyballs holes, bear-rolled in the sand, screamed mine a lot, and tried {several} times to join one of the teams.. She's already a fan.

And, as I tried to recover a little myself, I realized... We didn't go to the beach AT ALL this summer. How did that happen? We live practically a block away from one of the most desirable, popular, beautiful beach towns in the COUNTRY...

In fact, we had more beach days at Donner Lake this summer than right here at home.
Go figure. 

But, I can't complain. I love Donner.

And, I'm thinking Audrey does too...

love, kerry

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