Saturday, November 17, 2012

3 Kids Take Disneyland


Last Saturday morning, Ian woke up pumped. He KNEW what was coming, he remembered everything about Disneyland 2011, and was ready to take. it. on.

BUT... Aunt Kerry and Uncle John, self-proclaimed Disneyland-expert-tour-guides, weren't about to give him the same exact experience again this year. No way! (As Audrey would say).

The Jedi Training Academy is a must for brave little Star Wars fans.

It gets me every time. The kids start with a group training session led by a real {comedian} Jedi master.


The Dark Side enters, stage left. 

And, the kids are faced with a difficult choice- to turn to the dark side, or fight it.  

Ian vs. Darth Vader.


Ian's A+ Jedi Training Certificate.
We were so proud.

Since we also hit California Adventure Park this year, Ian experienced some other real big-kid rides too... 

I was nervous, however Ian L-O-V-E-D every minute. 
And, so did the other boys... especially John.

The fastest ride at the park. 


Unlike last year, Cole was big enough for just about every single ride at the park. So, LOTS of new experiences for him made a BIG SPLASH!

Ok, clearly you can see who had the most fun here...

Cole was simply his calm, cool-self all day (with a minor cold slowing him down occasionally).  

He's a tough little cutie, and clearly not afraid of heights. 


As you know, Audrey's spoiled with Disneyland all of the time. But, it's extra special to share the fun with her cousins. Since Cole and Audrey are the same size- she was "lucky" enough to try some new scary rides with the boys. Star Tours was the first new one, and she did ok. She didn't throw up, and I almost did. So, she's already tougher than me. 

But, after that ride I decided not to torture her with anything else too dark and fast. Yes, she's big enough for everything, but she's really not old enough. SO... no problems from me. The two of us would hit the princess-filled-fantasyland-happy-place, just us girls and relax. 

Here we are getting excited about Christmas.

And, she really enjoyed showing the boys her very favorite ride...


It was such a great day! 
Can't wait until next time!

love, kerry

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