Friday, November 2, 2012

Guest Blogger

I don't know if you know this, but I recently learned how to talk (and read and write and type), so mommy asked if I would blog for her since she is really busy with work. Since I am the size of a full grown midget, I figured I could just act like a grown up. Let's see, what can I share... I know!!! I had such a fun week, let me tell you about it.

First, I went on an airplane. Just me and daddy. We woke up really early, and daddy ran around the house making a mess and throwing stuff, I think he was confused because he didn't know what to pack for me. It was so funny, he did not know where any of my new clothes were and the stuff he packed was way too small, like stuff I wore when I was like, 1. He didn't pack any diapers, and he almost forgot to pack a warm coat!! He is so silly! Then he drove super fast to the airport and said bad words in the car because he thought we would miss the airplane! Me and Mickey and my Princesses and Bunny just laughed, drank milk, and played all the way to the LA airport. Ha, we even almost ran out of gas!!! Near the airport daddy stopped to get some gas, I think we were in a nice little town called Inglewood. We finally made it to the airport. Here's me on the airplane. Yeah, they had pretzels. I ate them all.

Guess where we were going? Reno!!! To see EECole, Poppas and Grammas. It was fun, Gramma Kellie picked us up and we ate breakfast and then she dropped us off at other Grammas house. It was really super cold in Reno that day and there was white cold stuff on the ground in the backyard, daddy called it "snow" I think. Anyways, I ate some. It was good.

Huh? What did we do then? Oh ya, daddy and me picked up EECole. We picked up Cole first, then went to Ian's school. Guess what, Gramma was at Ian's school too, I think she works there.

That night, we bought pumpkins at the store and carved them. But before we did that, daddy and gramma and momma helped Ian do all of his homework. All of it. Perfectly. I heard Ian did really well on his spelling test the next day too and had sooooo much fun at recess. Anyways, enough about homework, I mean who gets all worked up about homework. Geesh. Here are some pictures from the pumpkin carving fun we had.

 I promise, I really had fun.
 I tried on momma's shoes.
And daddy's.

The next day, we dropped mommy off at her work and daddy took me to the museum. I thought it was going to be the boring kind of museum, but it wasn't.

We rode in a little airplane; it was a pretend airplane.

 I climbed up the climby thing.

 I went fishing.
 And camping.

I drew a picture of my favorite dog Coco.

And I painted a masterpiece with water.

 I caught daddy taking too many pictures. And I was not happy about that.

That night, mommy and daddy let me stay at Gramma and Poppas house in Sparks. It was the start of a super duper fun weekend filled with lots of fun stuff with Gramma and Poppa. Mommy and daddy went to some placed called Nappy Valley to drink expensive grape juice and take naps, I guess. Here are some pictures from their trip. They must have had fun because every time they called me on phone they were talking really loud, sounded really silly and were laughing a lot!!

 Drink up mommy. You must really like grape juice.
 Gramma and Poppa went too.
 Mommy said she ate SNAILS!! Ewwwwwwww

So anyways, back to my weekend. I had sooooooo much fun. I went to a super old city in Nevada called Virginia City. I went on a fun Choo Choo ride and Gramma got me some little old fashioned Dollies too!

We got all gussied up and took an old time photo. Look, Poppa has a rifle and me and Gramma have big hats!!!! I really wanted to keep that pretty dress!!

Poppa told me stories.

 I played piano with my elbows.
 I took a bath.
 I played Peek a Boo.
 Look, I even brushed my teeth.
 I ate lots of yummy food and I played with all the new toys Gramma bought. I also got new clothes that fit. See, I am wearing my Dora slippers and Cinderella dress.

 I went to a Pumpkin patch.

  And did lots and lots of bouncing in a couple of bounce houses, my favorite!!
 I golfed.
And rode some scary ride with Gramma.

I had soooo much fun with Gramma and Poppa, I can't wait to see them again. Thank you!!!!

But alas, we had to leave Reno. I got to hang out with Ian and Cole one last time.
 Then we had to say goodbye.

When we got home, it was time for Halloween.

I was Tinkerbell. Ta Da!!!!

We went Trick or Treating downtown.
They closed main street and people in the shops and eating dinner on the street stopped and gave me lots of candy. Yummy!!!!

We went with Kai and Kori and Jeremy. Kai was a Chicken. We watched the pony rides.

Well. Blogging is making me sleepy. That was my week. How was yours?

love, audrey

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