Monday, November 19, 2012

My Dearest John,

I'm really upset that your working on Thanksgiving. 
Oh, and on Friday...
Yeah, and Saturday too.

What the cuss? {PS- no more naughty words around the you-know-who... She's copying everything now. Calling us by our first names, instead of Mama and Dada. Everything. And, for the sake of keeping this blog, aka family history record, accurate and packed with need-to-know-precious-baby milestones... S#!% was her first bad word.

Anyway, Audrey and I miss you already. I know it's going to be worse for you than for us... But seriously, this cusssing, cuss, cuss.

So, I'm completely preoccupied trying to think of ways to spin these unfortunate circumstances into a positive, unforgettable girly-girl staycation instead! Woot woot!

I might have a few ideas up my sleeve... Maybe none that involve lovely mommy-daughter cooking time, but fabulous ideas nonetheless.

One of which might just include two tickets {and hopefully probably coordinating outfits} for your two favorite girls...

I'll give you a hint, but try not to get too jealous. Your time will come... In like 3 years when you're finished with this cussing residency.

We'll MEEEEEssssss youuuuuu.

love, kerry

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