Sunday, December 2, 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba Live


I'm slacking... love, kerry is ME time, and most importantly- our family's history.
Vowing to now.

Just in time for my very favorite time of year, but more on that later.

Remember how I told you John worked three, 12-hour shifts over Thanksgiving weekend? And, that instead of sulking and being super negative about it (ok, another confession, there was some of that too), I planned a major girly, girls-only weekend?

Well...As you probably gathered from my previous hint here, Audrey and I caught Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE at the Honda Center in Anaheim! We don't watch the TV show at home, but I quickly got her up to speed (thank you, On Demand) the week of the concert.

She is now a gabba gabba expert, adores the characters, and has mastered their moves.
(She gets her rhythm from her Mama... Which is a good thing, in case you were wondering.) 

But, back to the show. She had NO CLUE what to expect when we first arrived.
In fact, I think she was a bit scared.

I booked really last minute, but I bought the best seats available at the time... And, they were AWESOME (as DJ Lance Rock would say). We were front row of the first elevated level, which would be great if you weren't a single Mama with a crazy toddler. I couldn't help worrying (constantly) that Audrey was going to try jumping off the edge (to crowd surf).

Let the show being...

Girl's Got Moves.

Ok, this is not the best movie in the world. But, at least I captured the bounce.
This girl was ALL OVER the place that night. 


She CRIED when the show was over, and CRIED even louder as we walked to the car (thankfully, she wasn't the only kid crying). I thought FOR SURE she'd pass out 2 minutes into driving home. 

She didn't... 

So, we went to visit Daddy at work down the street. 

Audrey answered his pages, John dictated the whatevers
It was really fun.

AND, since it was John's last night of work that weekend- we immediately went to Disneyland. Yup, I know... It was like 8pm, and we weren't even AT Disneyland. 


BUT, unfortunately because of the holiday weekend, which we didn't think about it, John's pass didn't get him into the park. So, we had a quick dinner at Downtown Disney and called it a night...
A very, very good night.

love, kerry

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