Friday, January 18, 2013

Big Girl.

All of the sudden, Audrey is SUCH a BIG GIRL... And this time, I don't mean big as in size (but yeah, she's wearing 5T now). I mean big in the grown up, I have a big little girl sort of way. It's happening fast. 

Last week was Audrey's annual cardiologist appointment (everything checking out A-OK, so don't worry). 
We left sprinted out of the office, down the hallway and immediately into the elevator to leave the hospital. A nice 60-something couple shared the ride down with us. Audrey was her usual- pure energy.

"I want to press the button!" 

The lady in the elevator politely smiled and said, "she's so cute, of course the baby can press the button."

Audrey was immediately annoyed, and pointed up to the nice old lady.

"I'm not a baby, I'm a big girl!!!!" 

The couple looked at me puzzled. They didn't understand her.
Whew, I thought. Dodged that one.

"What did she say," they asked me.
"Oh, she was just yelling at you for calling her a baby. Can't you see that she's a big girl?"

Despite the fact that Audrey was actually being rude, they LOVED it. Thought she was the funniest, cutest little thing ever. Then again, why wouldn't they?

Audrey was proud of herself for being such a comedian {great}, and we watched the old couple continue to laugh and stare at us while we crossed the street, and went up the stairs to the parking garage.


We've been up to some more BIG, BIG GIRL changes around the house too...

She's happy in her big girl bed.

With it comes freedom, but we're enjoying her crawling into bed with us, each night, about 2am...however, the constant kicking has to stop.

I've also noticed so much progress in Audrey's BIG GIRL vocabulary lately! Yesterday, it was just one cute, new phrase or conversation after the other. You know me, I wrote them all down...But, here are just a few that we really love, or she says the most often...

"Oh KER-ry. Where's John?"

I asked, "Audrey, what are you cooking?"
"Chocolate," she said.

"I working, Mama." (when she wants to be left alone at the desk).

"This my song, Mama. Turn it up." (She also has memorized several songs we listen to in the car often).

"Kiss it better."

"What are you doing here?" (when we come to get her out of her room, or surprise her in general).

"What made that noise?" (to about everything).

Last night I asked, "Audrey, what time is it?"
"Dora time," she said (looking at her Dora watch). "Dora the Explorer had the hiccups on the beach, Mama."

"I'm going to burn that scary guy."

She's been saying "oh maaaaan" when something doesn't go her way. Today it was "oh bumpers" every time I said no, or she dropped something. 

And, my very favorite...

"Mama, I want to hold you." 

Anytime, Audrey. You can hold me anytime. 

love, kerry

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ess eff.

A few weeks ago, John sent me this quick text-

"Surprise vacation booked."

Audrey, I know.
I had a similar reaction to the message.

We are lucky girls.

John planned an amazing 3-day, 2-night stay in one of our favorite cities- San Francisco. Our hotel, apparently referred to by locals as "The Mark" sits at the top of nob hill, and is walking distance to about everything we wanted to do in the city. 

The view from our room.

Even though it was a very classy, beautiful hotel... Audrey still felt the need to clean the windows.

My little clean freak.

We had the best time.

John, I'm impressed. Nice planning, and thank you again for the sweet surprise! 
I made you a little something as a souvenir...

Audrey at the Top of the Mark.

love, kerry