Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Tonight I was snuggling with Audrey in her "big girl bed" and out of the blue she said-

"Mommy, I love butterflies."

Uh, seriously. Oh my God "you do??? Audrey, you couldn't be more perfect."

I haven't even had time to tell her about butterflies. That they are perfect, and beautiful, and graceful, and magical and that I really loved them too...

This is all happening so fast. 

And, I'm so SO SO behind on this blog. My family history. My journal of stories, funny Audrey-isms, just like this....

I really can't even come up with a clever way to catch you up, except to say that I think Audrey's taking after me... Becoming our personal, family photographer/historian. She's pretty good too. Here's a sample of her most recent work:

This one's called: Mama.

Simple Pleasures.

Caught You!


Silly Daddy.


Jesse, what are you doing here?

My Daddy.

You may not know this, but I'm going to Tahiti... Tomorrow.
Yeah, I know. Just this little place called Motu Teta, an all-inclusive PRIVATE ISLAND resort. Just for the weekend. #nobiggie

Since I'll be out of town, and since I'm so BEHIND on blogging NE-way....John, you're up sweetie-honey-boo-bear-lover. ;)

Post for me. 

I want Easter bunnies. I want colored eggs. I want dresses and bonnets and candy.
I want pure Daddy-Daughter- Mamma's living it up on a private island in Tahiti so what the hell- we're not jealous-fun.

You've got the password. You know what you're doing (this isn't your first time, remember this post you authored here). According to the stats, it's still one of my most popular blog posts of all time, geez thanks a lot.

Do not disappoint. I'll miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love, kerry

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