Thursday, April 4, 2013


Hmmmm. Kerry has left the continent. She is in the middle of the ocean on a tiny island hundreds of miles south of Hawaii. Tahiti, or as Audrey calls it "Heetee." Apparently it was absolute paradise... I'm sure she will post some of her drab photos here later.

Anyways, back at the ranch, it was Easter, so they told me. We celebrated "easter" last weekend because we knew Kerry would be on a private luxurious island without us. So in my book "easter" was over. We ate the eggs we were supposed to color, and there was definitely no church for me and Audrey.

Here's some highlights of our weekend not on a private island.

Audrey learned how to turn on the hose. She has an new thing for footprints. 

Audrey re discovered blowing bubbles.

We walked downtown and Audrey warmed up to the dirty bear.

Inside time was fun too. When I couldn't find Audrey after her bath I followed the sound of a squeaking dog toy to a tiny corner of her room where she was hiding.

Sorry Audrey.
We played princesses and with Dora stickers.

Thanks Gma Kellie. Audrey loves her ducky towel. She pretends to be a scary guy on the "dark side" when she wears it.

I caught Audrey taking pictures of me.

We did have some contact with the outside world. Jeremy and Kori and Kayvalia came over for dinner and we played outside with them too.

 Audrey found her gloves...yes, we were running out of things to play with.

I will say we did get a picture with the easter bunny. I guess throwing all of the left over goldfish crackers onto the lawn was a good idea.

Anyways, what we really did on easter is talk about mama and how much we missed her.  We even sent her a special message.

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