Saturday, April 20, 2013


I am behind, behind, behind, BE-HIND!

At this point, there's really no fast-and-dirty solution.... I will say, John- loved your guest post (per usual). Let's pretty-please make this a regular thing. You need to blog for me. love, kerry needs to be updated regularly and you do a really great job!

Still, I'm glad I got a "traditional" Easter in with Audrey before I left for TA-HEE-TEE.

The girl deserves her surprise Easter baskets, egg hunts, Easter festivals, games, presents, candy... you get the point.


But, I mean John, well done. Looks like your Easter was special too. ;)


You may already know this, but we've been looking to move for about a month now. We have a realtor in Irvine, and have visited literally dozens of homes in the area. 
We just need A) more space, and B) to be closer to our work. 
Sure, we'll miss the beach, and a part of me feels oh-so-old for making this very practical, very responsible change. Albeit, the time has come and who am I kidding? Not like I really enjoyed all that party-town-HB has to offer anyway. Finally facing reality. 

We are old, and parents who need to be living in the burbs. 

So, {glamorous} Irvine. Here we come! 

It has been very difficult and very competitive. If you don't make an offer IMMEDIATELY when a house you like comes on the market- you're basically too late. We feel in love with a town home a few weeks ago, a block from a lake in Irvine, only to be disappointed that our offer was a few hours too late. It was spoken for, and we were back to square one. 

If you remember, this happened to us when we moved to HB. But ultimately, it worked out in our favor anyway, so I'm not going to be too worried. 

Perfect timing to be thinking about moving too. Our condo has had MAJOR plumbing issues since we've moved here, but today- a new leak. Pretty consistent, filling a bucket in our hallway.

Can we move already, please???? 

During Audrey's nap time I was forced to run upstairs {per my landlord} and meet our very new neighbor (he moved in about a week ago). 
Anyway, since the leak is coming from the ceiling, I have to assume they are f'ing something up. 
Just kidding.

But, it ended up being a very nice excuse to meet him...

He's a pharmacist....

From Kansas....

Who works at the VA in Long Beach.

AND, did his residency in Reno (and loved it there).

I know!

The makings of a beautiful friendship, am I right?

But, it gets "better".


About 5 minutes AFTER I met our new FAVORITE neighbor...
I got THE call.

It was our realtor. Just calling to say that we got the house!!!!

I'm so excited!!! But, I mean, it's a little bitter sweet too.

Here we are, finally neighbors with someone just like us- new to the area, working at the same hospital as John, with no friends, ties to Reno and seems cool (all things considered, ie working in healthcare).


And, we're moving. 
I'm planning on inviting him to dinner TOMORROW! We gotta act fast because we'll be moving into our new home on May 1st, so if there's a chance at friendship- this is it people!!! 

Oh, and meet our new lovely home. :)
Can't wait to decorate!

love, kerry

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Allison said...

Woo hoo! How super exciting! Congratulations on the new house!