Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mato!!!

Dear Mato, 

Is it really possible that you were only TWENTY when we first met?
Whoa. Life happens fast.

Ok, so your 24 here, but it's the oldest I could find. 

I hope you have the best 28th birthday ever, and a really amazing year! 
Although, I know you will... 

This is a year you'll never forget, and I'm so excited for you!!
You've grown up a lot (obviously) since 20, but I'm glad that girl 'Amy' you talked about back then is now a permanent member of the family. Well done. 

But, back to your fun-intelligent-motived-kind-handy self. 

We're missing you here in California, but celebrating the special occasion with a Fleetwood Mac concert! Seemed like some live music was appropriate, and that you'd appreciate our efforts. Wish you guys were here, but looking forward to ACL this fall and of course lots of fun in Austin next month!!

Happy birthday, Mato!!! 

love, john, kerry and audrey

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