Monday, July 1, 2013

Motu Teta: Part II

I'm still not over my trip to Motu Teta.

This stunning, stunning, stunning PRIVATE ISLAND resort in Tahiti is insane. Honestly, lifestyles of the rich and famous, and I cannot believe how lucky I was to have been given this unforgettable vacation.

You've probably already seen my vacation video here, but let me tell you a little more about the trip...

Traveling to Tahiti really didn't feel as long as I was expecting. 
Friends, from now on- if you're considering a vacation to Hawaii, TRUST ME, spend three more hours on the plane and get yourself to Tahiti instead. You won't regret it. Tahiti is beyond beautiful, and obviously the country offers an international experience you can't get in Hawaii. 

This was my first time taking a redeye flight, which was amazing because I don't have issues sleeping on planes. I was honestly asleep before we even left the ground at LAX (thank you, Benedryl) and woke up to hitting the ground in beautiful Papieti, Tahiti at about 6am (local time).

The next leg of my trip was a one hour, inter-island flight to Rangiroa at 1pm. Rather than waste the day sitting at the airport, I rented a car and hit the road. I drove along the water, and covered the entire island in about 3 hours... Just in time for breakfast. 

The drive was beautiful. Coast views the entire ride and it was interesting to briefly see how Tahitians live, their day-to-day, farmer's markets and grocery stores, school bus stops, people just living... in paradise.

During my drive, I spotted an Intercontinental Resort that looked very nice so that's where the I finished my afternoon on Papieti.

I had enough time in Papeti to enjoy {a stupid-expensive} breakfast, walk on the beach, lay by the pool, and sip on a few island refreshments.

The airport in Tahiti is NOTHING like what we're used to. I showed up about 25 minutes before my flight, walked easily through security and up the stairs to my plane. Like I said, it was a one hour flight (if that), and I was once again on the ground, this time in Rangirora. 

This is a super small and skinny island is the closest with air service to my next stop- the super exclusive, absolutely exquisite private island- Motu Teta.

I was greeted at the airport by Hugo, Motu Teta's Excursion Director, and his assistant. The two walked me across the street from the airport to their boat. And, we were off to Motu Teta. The 1.5 hour boat ride was actually really great {coming from someone who typically gets sick on boats}. The cool breeze, and of course scenery made the time fly. It was relaxing. 

Oh, and this cold one also helped pass the time. 

Now on to Motu Teta...

It immediately felt isolating, in a very, very good way. 
The only thing you see for miles, on all sides of the island, is rich blue and turquoise water, gentle waves, abandoned islets...It's basically the definition of paradise. 

My Motu Teta...

Was enjoyed with friends... Really amazing friends. 

Not only did I catch my first fish at Motu Teta, but I speared it through the eyeball on my first try. 
I was impressed with myself, as you can see...

Speaking of catching things in the ocean, this also happened- 

We saw lots of sharks... Like up to 10 at one time, swimming together this same distance from my feet. Yikes!

It was sunny at Motu Teta (shocker)
Perfect burning bronzing conditions.

In addition to eating my very own catch, the food (and presentation of every meal) was first-class. 
Foodies look alive- this place is no joke.


This was a small old church we visited on a nearby, abandoned island. 

We thought it'd be fun to hunt this lobster late one night. 
Probably after a few island cocktails...

Who's idea was this again?

And, this was a bit scary too... in the middle of the ocean, after snorkeling literally through hundreds of fish, reef and even sharks...

But, I survived.

For the most part it was a really, really relaxing vacation. 


I'm so lucky to have had this incredible experience...that I know will be repeated {hopefully over and over} for many years to come. 

I know you all would love it too... Particularly John and Audrey... 
(So what do you think? Motu Teta to celebrate residency graduation?I'm in.) 

Thank you again to this pretty girl, and her incredible family. 

I'll never be the same.

love, kerry

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