Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Best Hair Day EVER!

I wasn't exactly sold on the idea of cutting Audrey's hair.
It felt as though I was trimming away at her childhood or something. Plus, there was literally NOTHING wrong with her sweet baby locks in the first place.

Even the hair stylist said her hair was remarkably even (meaning perfect), considering it had never been cut.

I agreed. 

But then Daddy had this genius idea- that he and Audrey would cut their long locks together. 

A daddy-daughter event. 

So, I was in.

We didn't exaclty know what to expect.
I mean, have you brushed Audrey's hair lately? 

It's not exactly "fun".

In fact, it's about as far from fun as I think this child gets. She hates, HATES, HATES getting her hair brushed. You'd think she was being abused. 

But, to our surprise...
And, thanks to this magic no-pain brush I'm now obsessed with and all my Mommy friends need to buy RIGHT NOW. 

Audrey. Was. Perfect.

A total natural. 

A little sweetheart, just sitting back, relaxing, and taking in all the girly-girl pampering. 

Next to Daddy.

She loves her spa days.
I can already tell. 

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 

And, we were so impressed with our darling girl. 

I told the stylist to keep her hair AS LONG AS POSSIBLE, but to clean it up as needed. 

What can I say... Audrey was amazingly beautiful before, during and after this haircut. 

In fact, I can hardly see a difference.  

She's just perfect, as usual. 

But, that didn't keep me from documenting the you know what out of this "baby's first" moment... 

After this great adventure, we treated Audrey to a night at the movies (Monsters University is NOW playing guys), and a sweet treat from See's Candy.

Oh, and in case you're wondering... No, I didn't save any of her hair for the baby book.
I think that's weird. 

And, John turned out pretty cute too...

However- even 94 pictures later- I don't have any of him to show you. 
Next time babe! 

love, kerry

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