Saturday, July 6, 2013

Service with a Smile!

While we were in Austin (a fabulous trip I'll be blogging more about soon), we enjoyed lunch one day at Blake's on 6th

Unfortunately I had to skip out early for work, but I heard the food was delicious...and of course the service was the best in town!

If you ever go- ask for Amyour delightful waitress.

Since that lunch, Audrey's favorite new game has been playing waitress... Walking around to everyone in the room.... "What you want eat?"... Taking orders (for once not giving them)...Then going over the her pretend kitchen to cook... plate her creations...and deliver on a tray with a smile....

So, it was just perfect to have spotted this ridiculously adorable waitress costume last weekend at our favorite (old fashioned) toy store in Old Towne Orange- Tiddlywinks.  

"What you want eat?"

We have hamburger,





But, don't ask for anything on the side... Or else.

Food's ready!!!
"Help yourself!"

And, no matter what you order- 
you get birthday cake! 

My kind of restaurant.

Hey look! John made a movie! 

love, kerry

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