Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Princess Turns 3.

I took this photo on the night before Audrey turned ONE...

Here she is the night before she turned TWO...

And here she is, just a few weeks ago, on the night before she turned THREE...

Isn't she just precious?

Well, equally precious was finding her first thing in the morning, on her real birthday. 


Well, because apparently Cinderella came to our house in the middle of the night, and left her a princess surprise...

And, naturally, this is how it went down:

Despite some (ok, seriously Audrey???) confusion,
the rest of the day was PURE MAGIC... 


I can't wait to tell you more...

love, kerry

Audrey Turns 3: The Party

Audrey didn't just have a birthday party, she had a birthday weekend.
Are you really that surprised? 

Nevertheless, it started with a PARTY!!!!!

 A bowling birthday party.

And, there were games, and cake, and neon necklaces, and balloons, and slap bracelets and it was so, so much fun.

I think the kiddos enjoyed it too.

Can you believe my baby is three years old?

 I can't.

Audrey's party was a perfect start to an absolutely perfect birthday weekend...
I'll have more to share (coming soon, fingers crossed).

Until then, watch this:


Thanks again to everyone who came out, sent birthday wishes, and made the day so special for Audrey... We love and appreciate you so much!

love, kerry

Saturday, September 21, 2013

When I say WOLF, you say PACK!!!

The Nevada Wolf Pack played UCLA at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena over Labor Day weekend, and we were so, so excited to personally cheer on our team!

It's been awhile...

Considering Audrey would point to the field yelling "baseball"- I think it's safe to say that we didn't teach her much about the sport that day. But, what do I really know about football anyway? 

We lost the game too...by a lot.

But, it definitely wasn't a total loss. It was a really fun (albeit really hot) day, and I do believe if Audrey learned anything- she for sure knows her way around a tailgate now. 


UCLA fans took tailgating very SERIOUSLY. It was a new experience for me to be at a game, and NOT have the hometown advantage. 

I was impressed with their set-ups, outfits, decorations and spirit overall, and of course was not-at-all afraid to flaunt my Pack Pride as often as possible.

Here I am next to the enemy...
I can't tell if Audrey was inspired to join me here or actually embarrassed, begging for me to stop.


This was our first (and sad) tailgate set-up, before we met up with the real pros (ie- Jill, her family and friends). We clearly didn't plan properly.

But, Jill saved us and we had a great time!

Audrey may not have learned much about football that day, but she knows to coordinate her nails with her team's colors, and get TEMPORARILY tatted up for the big game as well. 

Not positive where she picked this one up, but I also think she learned about the importance of guarding your cooler.

She makes me so proud. 
Go Pack! 

love, kerry

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Party Time!!!

Audrey's birthday PARTY is today!!!!

We're whooping it up with Audrey's favorite friends from school, some of our friends and family too!! It's going to be a BOWLIN' good time, and I can't wait to tell you all about it...


love, kerry

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Behind the Brand: K. Sutherland PR

This super-cool pet blog that I love, Pretty Fluffy, selected K. Sutherland PR as their first-ever "Behind the Brand" feature as part of a #major relaunch! I was very flattered to have my agency selected, and let's be honest- the story is just too adorable to NOT share with you...

If you haven't stepped inside my office, now's your chance! 

Click here for the full story.

love, kerry

Monday, September 2, 2013

#matoandamy2013... according to our iphones

A few weeks ago, we spent a BEAUTIFUL weekend with this really BEAUTIFUL couple we all just love so much...


Mato & Amy,

You're wedding was perfect, so BEAUTIFUL, so fun, so...you.



These were a few of our phone-favorites from the wedding day.


love, kerry