Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Patched.

Dear Tanaka Farms

Well done. 

You truly offer the ideal fall festival-

pumpkin patchin',
petting zoo-ing,
corn mazed, 
vegtable pickin', 
good ol' fashion fun!

We had a BLAST.

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon!

love, kerry

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Can I be happy that Audrey's 1st soccer season is over? 

My inner has-been athlete wants to be mad at me for saying/thinking it, but really- 
I just wasn't into it...because Audrey wasn't into it.

Fake Smile.

And, I have been soooooo looking forward to her being old enough to participate in team sports. But, I have to be honest here in my personal, world-wide-web space- it wasn't all that. 

Jumping Jacks.

Sure, she looks beyond ADORABLE, and to be honest- she still was a total stud, but had you been there and seen it for yourself- you'd agree with me. 

Wah, wah, wah.... 

Her favorite part of soccer practice: 
water break.

More Stretching. 

Ah well, it was still ridiculously cute. 

And, considering she made me hold her hand pretty much the entire time- 
I did get a mini-workout session in myself. 
So, that was a positive!

We'll be back next year, for sure. I don't think it's soccer. I don't think it's team sports. I think three is probably still too young. I have this timid, little girl who doesn't want to get roughed up and dirty. I imagine that will change eventually, but honestly I can relate here- it may take a really, really long time. 

When she's ready for sports, trust me, we'll all know. 

The highlight of the entire experience was leaving. 
As we were walking to the car, without any prompt from me, she waved back at the group and yelled, "thanks coach".

Maybe not a baller (yet), but she's certainly a winner.

love, kerry

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Austin City Limits.

I am absolutely NOT complaining, but wow- I've gotta hustle to catch up on these blog posts already!  I treat love, kerry as our family's history-album, and intend to print out the posts and compile into printed yearbooks. 

Another thing I've got to catch up on- volumes 2011 and 2012. 

Anyway, there's a super fun, mini-vacay coming up and it's my goal to totally catch up so I don't fall even further behind! 

Poor us, we've just been having WAY TOO MUCH fun lately... It's hard to keep up. 

Speaking of keeping up, Austin City Limits was one insane weekend! The three-day music fest literally included just about every single one of our favorite bands ever (right now). 

Plus, our favorite newlyweds (and fantastic hosts). 

I think you will agree- we had a really, really fun time at ACL.


Thank you again, Mato and Amy, for such a great weekend!!! 
It was the perfect DC-send-off for John, and as always- wonderful to see you!

And, Mom and Mike, thank you again for making the trip to OC to watch our little princess!! 
It was perfect mommy-daddy time, and I know Audrey loved showing you around her hood.
She's still talking about it. 

love, kerry 

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Last month, I took a week O-F-F. 
Totally unplugged, sans email, my first no-work-allowed-family-time-only vacation of the year.

And, it was oh so relaxing.

Together with my babes, my Mom and my Mike, we hiked....

We golfed...

We dined. We drank.

Beer tasting at the Brewing Lair.

How did I ONLY get this photo from (outside) the Iron Door? 

I mean, it's an adorable photo, but still- what an amazing restaurant! 
I want to make that dinner an annual tradition. 


A few beautiful lakes were also involved.

Honestly, it was all just really, really pretty.


Thank you again, Mom and Mike, for inviting us along to one of your favorite vacation spots- Graeagle.

We really enjoyed spending the time with you, simply relaxing, and meeting the (new) cougar. 

Let's do it again! 

love, kerry