Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Can I be happy that Audrey's 1st soccer season is over? 

My inner has-been athlete wants to be mad at me for saying/thinking it, but really- 
I just wasn't into it...because Audrey wasn't into it.

Fake Smile.

And, I have been soooooo looking forward to her being old enough to participate in team sports. But, I have to be honest here in my personal, world-wide-web space- it wasn't all that. 

Jumping Jacks.

Sure, she looks beyond ADORABLE, and to be honest- she still was a total stud, but had you been there and seen it for yourself- you'd agree with me. 

Wah, wah, wah.... 

Her favorite part of soccer practice: 
water break.

More Stretching. 

Ah well, it was still ridiculously cute. 

And, considering she made me hold her hand pretty much the entire time- 
I did get a mini-workout session in myself. 
So, that was a positive!

We'll be back next year, for sure. I don't think it's soccer. I don't think it's team sports. I think three is probably still too young. I have this timid, little girl who doesn't want to get roughed up and dirty. I imagine that will change eventually, but honestly I can relate here- it may take a really, really long time. 

When she's ready for sports, trust me, we'll all know. 

The highlight of the entire experience was leaving. 
As we were walking to the car, without any prompt from me, she waved back at the group and yelled, "thanks coach".

Maybe not a baller (yet), but she's certainly a winner.

love, kerry


amydk said...

Loved this post. Maybe because I was terrified of the ball in soccer, and should have quit much sooner than 5th grade. ;)

Kerry said...

Thanks Amy!! You need to see this little baller soon!! Maybe before the New Year?