Tuesday, October 15, 2013


It's scary how behind I am (once again) on this blog. Eeek!!! 

Trust me- Disney princess birthday (plus video), Graeagle adventures, ACL antics, poop (yes, poop) and Major Mayo (not mayonnaise)... You're on my to do-write-compile-edit-short-I mean LONG list.

My to-do lists scare me.
I might have to skip the poop post after all. Sorry about that.  

Anyway, I did make some time this weekend to (finally) haunt our house!

It's feeling frighteningly-festive around here! 
Well, at least in the kitchen...

When we finished, Audrey said she didn't want her blue kitchen to be left out, which I can totally understand, SOOooooo.....

Happy Halloween!!! 

And, keep checking back! I promise to blog more frequently, especially over the next few weeks, since someone very, very special is on the other side of the country- missing his babes- and needing some regular updates from home. 

love, kerry

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