Friday, October 18, 2013

Poop 2 Puke

Like I said in my last post- I'm skipping the poop story. 
My to do topic list is long enough.

I'll spare you the details... 
All you don't really need to know is that Audrey is FINALLY pooping in the toilet.
And, that it's rockin' my world.

She's such a big, beautiful girl!
But, let's move on....let's move on to puke, shall we? 

The other night, Audrey puked for the first time. Seriously, the first time ever
This was not baby spit up.

It was barf.

I feel like it's good, or a mini-accomplishment, or something that she's 3-years-old and just now puking for the first time. Whatever, giving myself a virtual high-five for keeping her healthy for three solid years. 

But, I knew this day would come eventually, and let me say right now- it did not disappoint. 
It was horrific. 

THANKFULLY (and at the same time unfortunately), I was sleeping with her in her bed. 

She had no clue what was happening. Think about it- puking for the first time. I can only imagine what was going on in her head.

Needless to say, I was awake with my hands open, ready and waiting for it before Audrey's sweet little eyes were open. (Yes, it was too late before I realized I probably would have had time to pick her up and run her to the bathroom.)


It lasted for two solid, super sad hours (I'm including the 1am bath, hosing off her bedding/clothing/towels in the backyard and time for a few laundry sessions).

By 3am, she was officially wiped out and comfortable in my clean (for the time being) bed.

I, however, was WIDE AWAKE mentally preparing for my baby girl's first real sick day. No way was I taking her to school after a night like that, or exposing her friends to such a freak-nasty stomach bug. I certainly hope that the other parents in her class have the same consideration. 

By 4am, my scheduled meetings for the day were canceled and my grocery shopping list was complete.

I always felt babied on sick days home from school (thanks Mom). And even when John heard that Audrey was staying home sick with me, despite the obvious reaction, he added, "well, you'll be good at this."

While I seriously don't think any of this is extraordinarily unique, for me, a sick day isn't a proper sick day without the following:

1. Let me start by saying that my first stop was to consult the store's pharmacist (even though John had already told me that there's nothing I could give Audrey for this, she just needed to ride it out).

He was right.

The pharmacist suggested that I keep Audrey hydrated (again, exactly what Daddy said).
I responded, "thank you, I was just about to pick up some Gatorade, but wanted to double check with you about any need for medicine."

I turned to head back down the aisle, and she stopped me.
"Pedialyte would be a better choice. There's less sugar than Gatorade."

I'm not a doctor, or pharmacist, or nutritionist, or anything remotely close. But, I'm also not a Mom who's above giving (or taking for that matter) over-the-counter medicine if it will help my child feel better when they're really at their worst.

Some seem very committed to the idea of "toughing it out" when you get sick. I mean, I understand why and don't want to over-medicate anyone here, but seriously- let's not over think this one.

Stepping off my soapbox (maybe) because this isn't even what bugged me about the statement.
Too much sugar? Really?

Gatorade does have more sugar. But here I am with a sick child resting in the stroller, looking so sad, shivering a bit and just worn out from barfing her brains out the night before. Gatorade tastes better, and Audrey likes it. She VERY RARELY gets it, but she really likes it. It makes her feel better.

I know we're living in OC, but Audrey's not on a diet. A little sugar on a sick day is gonna be ok, especially if it makes her happy.


Sick Day Necessity #2... Duh, chicken noodle soup!

Audrey was NOT interested in eating, and screamed bloody murder when I told her it was lunchtime.

And this girl actually really likes soup, but she didn't want anything to do with it...
Once I got her to calm down a bit, open her eyes and just consider taking a bite, she noticed her favorite food in the world... PASTA.

Jackpot. She sucked down just about the entire can, and this ladies and gentlemen, is why it's #2 on my list of sick day must-haves.

#3 is simply TV.

She really doesn't get to watch that much TV and it's the only way I could attempt to get some work done with her at home.

To my surprise, instead of a day filled with Mickey Mouse and Dora- she was actually into Project Runway. She even cried during the commercial breaks, wanting it to come back on.

Love this girl.

Hmnmmm, #4 is probably best for sick days at home with a sore throat. But, whatever- they make her happy.

5. Who doesn't enjoy a cool washcloth on their forehead from time to time? This is just obviously comforting and glorious on sick days.

And, #6- Febreze.

This was actually at the top of my shopping list, right after checking for medicine and picking up some Gatorade. I'm thinking the pharmacist's annoying comment about sugar distracted me because I completely spaced it.  I was already home when I realized I left the store with out this much needed product, and there was no way I could get Audrey to leave the house again.

Upstairs in Audrey's room, her FOUR (yes, four windows) were wide open with the blinds up. I put a fan in her room to help move the air around, but honestly it was terrible.

At about 7pm, I checked to see if there'd been any improvement.
Nope, still disgusting.

So, I text my neighbor, a fellow mother of two babes under three. She'd understand.
"Do you have any Febreze? I'll explain later..."

And, at 9pm she responded. 

"Check your doorstep"....

Here's an amazing Mom who clearly KNOWS. WHAT'S. UP. 

Obviously my exhausted, frazzled, probably smelly too weakness was expressed in a quick text message, and she swooped in like Super Woman to help me out. 

I was beyond grateful.

And, John didn't do too bad either.... 

Surprise flowers brighten every girl's day. 

I'm one lucky girl with some seriously amazing people in my life. Days like this remind me that being kind and thoughtful, even in the simplest ways can mean so, so much to others. 


Audrey has made a full recovery, by the way. 
I, however, am still achy and may have picked up her freak-nasty bug. 

I'll be fine though. I'm stocked up for sick days. 

love, kerry

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