Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Get Well Soon, Mike!!!

One of my favorite guys has been recovering from surgery. 
And, I've been thinking A LOT about something nice to do for him to brighten his day.

I thought, could I send him some "get well soon" flowers and a card?

No, he's a guy. 

Maybe I should surprise him with a pizza delivery, or yummy take-out? 

Well, that might be mean since his throat hurts so much... 


What could I do? What could I do???

Then, it came to me. 
The perfect idea... And, it was right in front of me the entire time. 


So Mike, 
I made you this video from our magical day celebrating Audrey's 3rd birthday! Enjoy with a warm bowl of Chinese soup, followed by a popsicle (or ten). I hope it makes you feel a little better! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

love, kerry

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