Saturday, March 29, 2014


Hmmm, Legoland.

I had zero intensions of bringing Audrey to Legoland a few weekends ago. 

But, the traffic from OC to the San Diego Zoo was totally miserable, so we made an executive decision to exit early in Carlsbad and check out Legoland instead. 

Audrey was happy. I love our girl's days.

There were legos, silly shows, and carnival-style rides...

Oh, and there was an aquarium.

Perhaps we're Disney-spoiled, but I can't say that I'd recommend Legoland... 
Honestly, it's just as expensive as Disneyland, but there's less to do/see, feels less professional and clean overall. Or, we're just not that into Legos.

However, the Legolands (literally) were cool to see. 

Washington DC


San Fran.

There was one ride Audrey got really excited about...
A pretty simple, mechanical horse track ride- no parents allowed
"Are you sure, Audrey? You'll have to go alone."
"Yup, I wanna go there."

So, we stood in line for at least 30 minutes before I noticed this dreadful sign at the front: 

I knew if I pulled Audrey out of line for being under the age requirement, we'd all be in trouble... And I mean, literally, all the Legolands of Legoland would probably hear about it. 
Turning back wasn't a good option. 

I quickly scanned the kids and the track on the Royal Joust. I felt ok with it. Audrey's 6 months too young, but she'll be safe. I turned to Audrey and asked,

"How old are you, Audrey?"
"I'm three," she proudly responded.
"Well, do you see this sign here?? Let me read it to you.... 

So, this means that you must be four to ride this ride," showing her four of my fingers. 
"Do you understand what that means since you're only three?"

She immediately knew what was up, and gave me the sad face. I needed to act fast before she started crying, and drawing attention to what was about to happen next. 

 "Ok Audrey, when that lady at the front asks you how old you are- 
you're going to say four, ok?"

Immediate disappointment, regret. 
Yikes, her first lesson in lying. 
I'm a Bad Mom.

"Ok Mommy," she happily replied, holding up four fingers.
"I'm going to keep my fingers like this so I don't forget. FOUR!"

"Perfect Audrey (as always), you're so smart!! Now give me a high-five and good luck." 

Audrey stood patiently still and in complete silence, holding on to her four fingers at all times, until she was up next...

"Hi honey, how old are...."

"FOUR," cutting off the attendant with four fingers high in the sky.

My little actress.


Promising to hold on tight, and with a proud smile on her face- she was off...

When she hopped off the ride I asked, "Audrey, how old are you?"

"THREE," she yelled!

"That's right honey....but, don't lie again unless I give you permission."

"Ok Mommy, or my nose will grow."

"You're right, just like Pinocchio!!! 
I promise we'll go to Disneyland next weekend."

love, kerry

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Audrey woke up on St. Patrick's Day morning, and like always, headed right into her bathroom before coming to wake me up.

That tricky leprechaun went pee in in my toilet!! 
It's green in my toilet!!! 
You've gotta come see!!!"

I thought- yay, today is going to be so fun- and quickly hopped out of bed to see her amazement.

As I entered the bathroom, her bright smile and pretty Irish green eyes greeted me. She was pointing in the toilet. 

"WOW AUDREY, " I said.
That tricky leprechaun was in your bathroom last night!!


We were both so excited, clapping, until moments later...

When Audrey stood there peeing happily in front of the toilet, all over the bathroom floor and her PJs.

That tricky leprechaun. 
Joke's on me.

love, kerry

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I Love Switzerland + Paris...

I love that I spent my 6-year wedding anniversary pretending to Europe.

Who can pass up skiing the Swiss Alps? 
I'm still not sure how much I love skiing, but I do really love the snowy mountains. 

I love Stephanie and the Fasi family, who gave us so many amazing Swiss experiences. 

I love that I've already introduced my 3-year-old to my favorite place on earth... PARIS.


I love that we played at every park in the city, and rode just about every carousel too.

I love all the photos from our trip, and that John had so much fun getting creative with the camera.


I love that we all locked our love in Paris.

And, I love that I got to re-live my Parisian engagement 
with this fine fella...


I love that Stephanie and I got ourselves unintentionally into the Royal Parisian NYE Party.



I love that we reconnected with old friends.


And, I love that we shared the experience with Judy and Steve. 


 I really, really love this (albeit sorta long) vacation recap video. 

I love having it; I'll enjoy watching forever.
And, I love that it's done. Check!
                                  Swiss Paris 2013 from Kerry Sutherland on Vimeo.

I just really love to travel.

love, kerry