Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Audrey woke up on St. Patrick's Day morning, and like always, headed right into her bathroom before coming to wake me up.

That tricky leprechaun went pee in in my toilet!! 
It's green in my toilet!!! 
You've gotta come see!!!"

I thought- yay, today is going to be so fun- and quickly hopped out of bed to see her amazement.

As I entered the bathroom, her bright smile and pretty Irish green eyes greeted me. She was pointing in the toilet. 

"WOW AUDREY, " I said.
That tricky leprechaun was in your bathroom last night!!


We were both so excited, clapping, until moments later...

When Audrey stood there peeing happily in front of the toilet, all over the bathroom floor and her PJs.

That tricky leprechaun. 
Joke's on me.

love, kerry

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