Friday, April 11, 2014

Just Keep Swimming!!

Audrey was so happy about her first swim lesson a few weeks ago!!

We tried swimming lessons when we first moved to Irvine from Huntington Beach last Spring, but there was a problem scheduling Audrey's lesson at the pool. We signed up and waited in the kiddy pool, but they never called Audrey's name, and wanted us to wait around for several hours for another lesson time. 
We were disappointed, to say the least in Waterworks Aquatics. 

Our experience is kinda summed up by this picture.

Anyways, second time was the charm.

You could tell Audrey felt pretty proud of herself, and concerned that I was ALWAYS watching... 

I thought she did a great job listening to Miss Devin.

 And, she certainly enjoyed the play time after instruction time was finished. 
Typical 3-year-old.

 I wish I could say the following 3-4 lessons were equally enjoyable (for her, for me, for John, and for Miss Devin). Holding her breath, and ducking under water wasn't her favorite thing to do...And, she made sure everyone knew it.

But, I'm happy to report that she's on her way to becoming a great, happy little swimmer....

And, doesn't mind the yellow water either.

I, however, will be happily watching from the sidelines from now on. 

love, kerry

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