Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Catching Up: Easter

Easter's always been one of my favorite holidays. 

We kicked off the weekend with a trip to meet the Easter Bunny.

And, we were so happy to have Grandma spend the holiday weekend with us in OC. 
She was just in time for egg coloring! 

Which Audrey took very seriously. 

We also enjoyed a new Easter tradition this year called Lollipop Seeds That Sprout for Kind Deeds.
Basically, in the days leading up to Easter, you first do something kind for someone else. 

Audrey decided that her kind deed would be to leave a surprise tray of candy for her friends (and our neighbors), Jax and Willa.

After we doorbell ditched our neighbors with the surprise candy bomb, the second step was to plant the magical lollipop seeds and flag their location in our yard. 

According to legend, these magical lollipop seeds will sprout lollipops for your kind deeds every year on Easter morning....

When Audrey woke up on Easter morning, she immediately popped out of bed wanting to see if her kind deeds had in fact sprouted lollipops. 

They had.

But, the Easter surprises didn't stop there.

Audrey also found that the Easter Bunny had eaten the carrot we left overnight for him. 

And, of course, a big, beautiful, purple, pouffy basket full of surprises with her name on it (literally) was also waiting for her from the Easter Bunny.

Two Spring Cuties.

We had a party to celebrate the day, and in addition to Grandma, Aunt Aleshia, Andie and Uncle Ryan came to play!!!

Sparkly purple nail polish from the Easter Bunny.

Finally, we had a big Easter Egg Hunt that afternoon with some of our friends in the neighborhood....

This is the core group: Jax, Shawna, Audrey and Jenna (missing siblings Willa and Ryker).

We hope you and your family had a wonderful, playful Easter too!! 

love, kerry

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