Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Incident.

It's been several weeks since the incident, but we're still talking about it on the reg around here.
I know that I'm disgustingly behind on posting blogs.
But, I promise you that I'll catch up on everything (I've got a list on my phone of topics, perfectly organized obviously, so I don't forget). Just no promises that I'll be able to pick up the pace anytime soon. 
Things are always busy at our house... But, they've been particularly crazy lately. In fact, during the month of June I'll only be at home for one week. 
And, it's not just me working, working, working... It's John too, who's been studying non-stop for his boards next week. 

So, for now coffee (since it's 6am and I'm still working on Germany time...did I mention I was there last week?), and a bit of patience. This family history e-yearbook cannot go without some pretty special Audrey moments that we've been loving over here. They might just get to you a little late.

Now, back to the incident.

I had just gotten out of a meeting, and was checking my phone.

Missed call from Audrey's school.
Missed call from Johnny Boy.
Text from Johnny Boy.

Oh great... Audrey must be sick.
Or so I thought. Before listening to the voicemails, I decided to read John's text message first...

Audrey's school called. 
She has an interesting mother's day gift for you... check your phone messages. I already talked with Ms. S ;)

Cue Voicemail from Ms. S:

Hello Kerry, this is Ms. S from Audrey's classroom. I'm calling because Audrey and another little boy were practicing their cutting, and well, she cut her hair....

I probably said out loud in my car while listening. 

Now, it's not too short, maybe on one side. She made two cuts. I just wanted to let you know in advance so you wouldn't be surprised when you pick her up. Thank you. 

Thank you? Thank you!?!

No I thought, thank YOU Ms. S for allowing Audrey to play with scissors unsupervised long enough to make TWO cuts in her perfect baby hair. What if she had cut herself?!? 
And, Audrey... how naughty. You know better.

Hey, I get that kids can be quick and do things like this all of the time. But, this is not like Audrey. 
She wouldn't just impulsively and so quickly cut her hair. 
I can totally visualize how the whole thing went down and it involved a lot of 
looking around, 
checking to make sure Ms. S wasn't watching her, 
almost cutting, 
then getting scared and backing the scissors away, 
almost cutting, 
then getting scared and putting the scissors down, 

I wasn't there, but with eyes in the back of my head, I saw the entire incident. 

I immediately drove to Audrey's school to pick her up, survey the damage, and deliver an important lesson learning mommy speech (to both Audrey and Ms. S). 

Naturally, it was nap time. 

Audrey's a beautiful sleeper, and because of her position I couldn't really get a view of her new do. I'd have to wait until after work. 
But, while I was there I quickly told Ms. S my concerns with the entire situation, and asked that Audrey no longer be allowed unsupervised scissor time. 
Hopefully that's not too much to ask. 

A few hours later I returned to pick Audrey up for the day. 
She knew I knew the second I opened the door, and she silently walked over to my side.

My face stayed serious. My mind was hysterically laughing. 
I can't believe she cut her hair, ha! 
Her bangs look totally adorable, perfect. 

Audrey, we're going to have a talk, and we walked to a bench outside of her school.

She looked so sad.

Of course I told her that it was wrong.
That you never, ever cut your own hair. 
That she's beautiful no matter what, but it's still not ok to cut your own hair. 
That I was disappointed. She's a big girl, and she knows better.

She was really sorry.... and, really cute.

She looks like a child model. And, she's basically a skilled hairstylist because this little trim was all Audrey. 
I confirmed with Ms. S too because I figured she helped even out the mess. 
I know people who'd pay big bucks for two cuts from Audrey if this is the outcome. 

So, bad news- Audrey cut bangs (which she, of course, completely hates now because they are always in the way)

But good news- her bangs are bangin'.

love, kerry

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