Sunday, August 24, 2014

Reno -> Elko -> Twin Falls -> Jarbidge -> Sun Valley

We have been busy this summer.

But, after John took his boards (which he has since passed with flying colors, whoop!), we took a week off of work and went on a whirlwind summer vacation!!

First stop: Reno. 

Actually, specifically spent a few nights at David Walley's in Gardnerville for Travis and Tracee's (oh so beautiful) wedding!!

Let's just say the night was a bit of a blur... 


 In the best way possible with some of the best friends ever


The next day we drove out to Elko.
Thanks again to family friends, Al & Cyd, for letting us stay in their insanely beautiful ranch homes for the night. 

It would have been nice, and really relaxing, to have stayed at the ranch longer... 
But, our next destination was calling:

Twin Falls. 

It was Mom, Mike and Katie's first visit to Twin Falls, so we hit the key attractions like The Shoshone Falls. 

The Snake River. 

An evening BBQ at Dierkes. 

And, just a few trips to the hotel's pool.

 But, vacation didn't stop there because from Twin Falls we also took two day trips! 

Just about a 50 mile dirt road into some corner of Nevada, you'll find this little hidden gem, rich in character. 


And, rich in other ways, we also spent an afternoon in Sun Valley. 


It was the perfect summer adventure!

love, kerry

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