Monday, August 25, 2014

These 3 in the OC...

Once again, the cousin's OC adventure did not disappoint. 



There was minor moment when Cole was the only one not to pass the height requirement on Indiana Jones. It was a bummer to go forward without him and Grandpa Steve...But, we had to for Ian and Audrey (it was her first time on such a scary ride).  

When we buckled up, she just looked over at me and said, Mama, hold me the whole time.

When we got off, I asked,
 Audrey, did you like it???

Kinda, she replied.

When we got back outside to Grandpa Steve and Cole, we caught them mid-PROJECT ELEVATION. It was perfect. Grandpa saved the day with napkins stuffed in Cole's shoes! The two got to right Indiana Jones afterall!! 

I even gave Cole my cool shades to wear as a disguise to get through the entry. 
He was so happy!

John couldn't be there with us all day, but joined after work. 

I think he made the most of his few hours at Disneyland. 

Space Mountain.

The next day was beautiful and relaxing in Laguna Beach!

And on Sunday, we caught a ballgame! 

These three love being together... 
And are so, so loved too. 

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