Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kyle's 20th Birthday at Sea World!!!

I'm not sleeping. 

Like literally at this very moment, I'm not sleeping. And, I should be. 

No, it's not a shark attack nightmare. 
Just lots of to dos running through my mind. 

My next four days include an exciting visit with Mom,  a very special birthday party to finalize and execute {flawlessly, like only Barbie herself could pull off, of course}, an actual birthDAY celebration at Disneyland {because a party isn't enough for our perfect girl} and an upcoming family/work trip {oh you know I love to mix business and pleasure}  to NYC to pack and prepare {the three of us} for...So, let's just say things are busy. 

And, don't get me wrong it's all SUPER DUPER, amazingly fun, wow, my life is crazy good and I'm SO grateful. But, {not complaining} sometimes it feels like a never ending to do list.

And while I need to be sleeping since it's past midnight. 
I'm not. 

And, I while I wish I could call my favorite new Mommy for an update, (I presume she's the only other one up at this hour nursing or changing a diaper). 

I won't.
Fingers crossed she's getting some much-deserved rest...or not. Alone time in the peace of the night is like heaven with a newborn in your arms. 

So anyway, I find myself here, hoping to be productive with my "extra" time, and update this pretty little thang.

How do you like the new love, kerry look, by the way??? 


Two weekends ago we spent the afternoon at Sea World for my (not so little anymore) brother Kyle's 20th birthday!

It was Audrey's first-ever visit! 

And she was totally into it!

No really, my little accessorized, 3 going on 17, big girl was really into it!!!

Yeah, those are dolphins right there.

And, that's Shamu...

Here he is spitting on front row fans.

Here we are happy to be dry near the back row. 

Shamu had friends, although I never caught their names.

They also enjoyed getting the front row wet. 

We had a really great day celebrating Kyle's birthday!

Followed by an amazing dinner at a quaint Pacific Beach pizza joint (that I wish I could remember the name of).... Guess we'll have to go back and do it all over again!! Woo hoo!!!  


Ok, time well spent here on the blog tonight.
Finally, I'm yawning. 


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