Thursday, October 23, 2014

This Just In!

It recently occurred to me that time is going way, WAY too fast. 

Before I know it, Audrey's going to be in school... 
The kind your in for 16+ years. 

This babe starts Kindergarten next fall. 

And, she's really ready. 
She can't wait to grow up, in fact. Always asking me,
When am I going to go to kindergarten, Mama?
When am I going to be TEN?
When am I going to be taller than Daddy?
When can I have your shirt/jacket/purse/necklace/jewelry box?

Trust me, she's ready.

But, am I??? 

Just thinking about it the past few weeks has been giving me anxiety. 

Time is literally flying by, and I'm not going to have this little baby girl and precious pre-school time forever.  

So, I made an executive decision. 
A perk of being the boss, I suppose. 

I'm taking Fridays off for Audrey Fun from now until Kindergarten!!!

I'm so, SO, so ridiculously lucky to be in my position, with an amazing crew to really allow me this opportunity for extra special time with Audrey. 

And, I'll keep her enrolled at preschool full-time, because an occasional conflict could come up. 
But, mentally I've cut back my schedule, 
cleared my calendar on Fridays through September 2015,

Even if it's just for a few hours in the afternoon, Fridays are now for one-on-one, uninterrupted, SUPER DUPER, amazing fun with my girl. 


We kicked off the new tradition two weeks ago with a SURPRISE day at Disneyland. 
Our favorite. 

It worked well for John too, since the hospital is so close to Disneyland. 
He was able to meet us after work.

So happy about this new development, and planning on taking full advantage of these last few months before kindergarten!

Already plotting for tomorrow's surprise... 

Monday, October 20, 2014

We {Heart} NY!!!

We were so lucky to mix business with pleasure last month!

K. Sutherland PR/Speak Wines brought Stephanie and me to NYC for various meetings, and when John said he'd be available to join too... well, we had to take advantage of the opportunity for a VACATION!!!

There is NOTHING I like better than our adventures.

On top of the Empire State Building.

We spent a considerable amount of time in Times Square. 

John and Audrey played in Central Park during the day while Steph and I were in meetings...

We saw The Lion King on Broadway. 

Audrey couldn't have been happier about the show... 


We even made it to Ground Zero on 9/11.

Freedom Tower.

The 9/11 Memorial.


Of course, we made time for FAO Schwarz. 
Audrey HAD TO HAVE this dog, Boo.

We enjoyed dessert at Serendipity.

The week was just perfect!!!


Even if "work" was involved.

We have the best jobs ever, and I can only imagine what the future holds...


Oh Audrey, welcome to New York!!!

I'll never forget our first trip, and I can't wait to go back!

Until then, I'll just watch this video on repeat.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Family Portrait.

Let me tell you something. 

Audrey REALLY wanted to draw her family the other night. 
She said it was very important that I sit down next to her, and listen while she draws (and explains) everyone in the family. 

This was her final masterpiece: 

You better believe she started with Daddy.
(Total Daddy's girl.)

She explained, 
"he's different, and really, really tall... So, we'll make him red."

Daddy was followed by her "angel" cousin, Ian. 
Note the halo.

"Of course, I'm next to Ian," Audrey said.

"And, how do you like my pigtails, Mama?"

Next up, Uncle Jason!

Who apparently has two heads. 
"And, a really long beard," Audrey said as she drew vertical lines from his face(s).


"Ok Audrey, who's next?" I asked.
Stephanie, of course!

"She's little."


"Ok Mommy, you're next!"
(geez, finally)
"You have long, long hair, and I didn't forget your pretty shoes! Look Mama!!"
(ok, forgiven)


"Cole's kinda crazy," Audrey said. "Look at his wild hair!"

Of course there's Uncle Mato, "he's taller than Aunt Amy".

"Oops, I can't forget Ronan!!"

Next up were Grandmas.... 
"Buddy's Grandma wears sweaters."

And, the Grandpas....
"Ian/Cole's Grandpa wears sweaters too."


And, last but not least, Jesse & Buddy!!!


Thinking about this beautiful family today...