Thursday, October 23, 2014

This Just In!

It recently occurred to me that time is going way, WAY too fast. 

Before I know it, Audrey's going to be in school... 
The kind your in for 16+ years. 

This babe starts Kindergarten next fall. 

And, she's really ready. 
She can't wait to grow up, in fact. Always asking me,
When am I going to go to kindergarten, Mama?
When am I going to be TEN?
When am I going to be taller than Daddy?
When can I have your shirt/jacket/purse/necklace/jewelry box?

Trust me, she's ready.

But, am I??? 

Just thinking about it the past few weeks has been giving me anxiety. 

Time is literally flying by, and I'm not going to have this little baby girl and precious pre-school time forever.  

So, I made an executive decision. 
A perk of being the boss, I suppose. 

I'm taking Fridays off for Audrey Fun from now until Kindergarten!!!

I'm so, SO, so ridiculously lucky to be in my position, with an amazing crew to really allow me this opportunity for extra special time with Audrey. 

And, I'll keep her enrolled at preschool full-time, because an occasional conflict could come up. 
But, mentally I've cut back my schedule, 
cleared my calendar on Fridays through September 2015,

Even if it's just for a few hours in the afternoon, Fridays are now for one-on-one, uninterrupted, SUPER DUPER, amazing fun with my girl. 


We kicked off the new tradition two weeks ago with a SURPRISE day at Disneyland. 
Our favorite. 

It worked well for John too, since the hospital is so close to Disneyland. 
He was able to meet us after work.

So happy about this new development, and planning on taking full advantage of these last few months before kindergarten!

Already plotting for tomorrow's surprise... 

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