Saturday, December 6, 2014

Daddy-Daughter Day at Disneyland

Monday. What to do when your 4-year-old going on 16-year-old just happens to say "No, I don't want to go to school today." Since she is clearly in charge here, as she has shown us by saying, doing, dressing, and acting however she wants, I didn't put up a fight. As it happens, I was off on this Monday as well. So, impromptu Disneyland is what our little Diva wanted to do. 

 First, it was pigtails and checkered shirts. "Two BIG pony tails, on the side."

"OK Audrey."

"And my boots."
 "No pictures please."
 "Oh, I'll just line up here on the end, even though they didn't pick me. I've been here before."

We did go on the roller coaster at California Adventure park. Yes it goes upside down and pretty darn fast.

She is 48 inches with her new boots on, so they let us on. I told her she could have popcorn and a Frozen toy if she went with me. My plan was almost foiled when some boy getting off the roller coaster came through balling his eyes out, just happened to be the boy in the seat Audrey was going to be in.

For the record. She was fine and fit snug in the seat. She was silent the whole time but at the end she said "That was crazy. That was fun. But I don't want to do it again."
 Popcorn. As promised.

 There was lots of driving that day for some reason.

 Costume change for teacups.

What a day. I did buy her some Frozen makeup at the Bipidy Bopidy (sp) Boutique. Somehow she picked out the least expensive thing in the store.

love, john

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