Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Reflections: 2014

2014 had a pretty great kick-off.

The year started by accident, seriously, total accident. But, Stephanie and I found ourselves unknowingly celebrating NYE at the most amazing restaurant in the center of Paris, atop the Museum of Modern Art... likely with European royals and international celebrities.

We were underdressed, and underpaid to say the least... But just pretended to fit in and made THE MOST of the entire experience.

This is me that night, enjoying one of the many dinner courses- lobster and caviar (which I had for the first-time in my life).

I remember wishing John could have been there too; he was already back home at this point for work. But, considering the year I had with this girl... it was a fitting start to the year.

But, more on that later.

The first few days of the year were tres maqnifique!!! Spent in Paris, with my little Fancy French Darling (Audrey), Steve, Judy and Stephanie... 

We just loved every minute in Paris... And, of course, locked our love before returning home.

Paris was certainly a highlight, but we had so many amazing vacations in 2014!

Like Elko, Twin Falls, Jarbidge, and Sun Valley with the entire family! 

New York City for work/family fun!

I SURPRISED this handsome fella with a night in Vegas to celebrate our Lucky #7 year anniversary!

And, we spent Thanksgiving in San Diego...with the most exciting addition of the year: 

Introducing Ronan Hyne Sutherland, born September 3, 2014!!

It was love at first sight!


Oh babies, they grow so fast!!! And, Audrey has grown up so much this year too. Truly, my little baby once-upon-a-time has become a little girl... With so much personality and oh so much to offer this world. 

Here she is in...

Yes, that is Jesse. Yes, he is still alive!












Christmas Morning... She got an Elsa dress (among lots of other fun things).

She had many "firsts" again as well.

If you remember from this blog post, she cut herself some bangs for the first time at school one day... Yeah.

First Play Dough:

She LOVED her first dance recital (and was a total star): 

She even had her second dance recital this year too!

Here she is right after her FIRST Broadway musical, The Lion King!

Daddy took her on her first REALLY SCARY roller coaster at Disneyland.


She loved her first-ever ski lesson. 

Ski Day at Mt. Rose.

And, her first couple's skate with Daddy was perfection. 

She's always loved art, but got really good at drawing this year! Here's her first family portrait! 

This blog post explains who's who, and why... Pretty adorable.

She also learned how to write all her letters...

Including her first LOVE letter...

She went to both Sea World & Legoland for the first time this year!

And, she FINALLY got to meet Anna & Elsa at Disneyland (on her 4th birthday)!!!


Once again, we had SO MUCH fun at Disneyland all year long!! We just love the Magic Kingdom!! 


Professionally, we had another major year. Starting with John, who spent the first half of the year SERIOUSLY studying for his boards (which of course he passed with flying colors over summer). His many accomplishments and overall amazingness will be bringing us to UC Davis in 2015 for fellowship in muscular skeletal radiology! You go, Johnny Boy! 

From incredible client trips, exciting (even unexpected) new business wins, better than ever press coverage for our clients, and SO, SO MUCH FUN- it will be hard to top 2014 at K. Sutherland PR.

These memories from the year are really just a few of the high points...

Um, we went to GERMANY together!!! (You can watch the video from our trip here.)

We loved the BEYONCE & Jay Z "On The Run" show!


We visited cool clients in Texas!

And in Vegas...

And spent a few days in Santa Barbara/Paso Robles...

We ditched Christmas cards and sent out this Happy Thanksgiving Video instead.
It was a hit!

We're the coolest PR agency I know, and I'm just SO, SO lucky to have so much fun at work with girls I love so much!

And, there was the launch of Speak Wines in 2014!!! 
The most deliciously beautiful Malbec on earth!!
Here we are opening THE FIRST case of Speak!

The future is exciting!!

And, people are loving it already (especially the media)!!!!

We had a launch party in Orange County in July...

And one in Reno in August...

Things are looking really good for Speak already... Can't wait to watch it grow in 2015!!


A few other key parties of the year included the BEAUTIFUL wedding of our very good friends, Travis & Tracee!!!

And, everybody had fun getting all doll'd up at Audrey's 4th Birthday Party (including Barbie and her BFF, Summer who made a surprise appearance). 

Mommy & Daddy made this Barbie box for the kids (parents) to take photos in. 

You can watch all the fun from Audrey's party here

As for holidays, they were all wonderful!!

 But, I think we killed Halloween this year. 
We even won a family costume contest in our neighborhood!

Our easter party was hoppin' with so many fun visitors! 

And, we enjoyed being back home in Reno for Christmas! 


It was another exciting, happy year filled with love!

Thanks for being a part of it!!

Can't wait to see what 2015 brings!

with love,
Kerry, John & Audrey

Feel like going back in time to 2013, 2012 and 2011? Go for it!

Editor's Comment:
I'll be honest, today is not December 31, 2014... It's really February 17, 2015. But, for the sake of keeping this blog organized by (correct) year, I'm going to white lie to you and change the published date. Speak soon!

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