Sunday, March 15, 2015

La la la la la.

John went to a conference recently in Pasadena, and instead of making the commute both days from Irvine, he suggested we make a weekend of it in LA!!

And, I'm so glad we did!! 

First and foremost, Audrey and I made it a point to see Daddy's research poster on display. 
We were so proud!!! He was only a little embarrassed. 

But, the embarrassment didn't stop there!! 
Look what conference was in the next room over:

Yup, a pet conference!! 

Naturally, they gave me a press badge and we walked through it for a bit. 
Audrey enjoyed seeing all the fun dogs, and a real grooming competition (yup, those exist)... 

We even spotted a client!

She's a perfect spokesmodel, right?

While John was working all day, Audrey and I got in some quality girly time... We shopped in downtown Pasadena and, of course, visited THE house from "Father of the Bride" before making our way back to the hotel. 

I know! It was just as beautiful as you'd expect. 

That night we had Asian for dinner (can't get enough)... 

It was relaxing and delicious!!

On Sunday, Audrey and I played at a park in Hollywood....

We enjoyed some (rooftop) pool time at our very hip hotel. 

And, we even drove by the red carpet on Oscar Sunday!! 
You can't see it very well in the photo, but we were able to spot the Oscar statues at the entrance from our car. 

It was a pretty awesome weekend in la la land!!

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