Sunday, July 12, 2015

How I Taught Audrey to Want to Get Hurt.

My mission for the week is to catch up this blog. I left you back in April, and SO much has gone on since... It's been busy; hence no updates. So, here we go!


Exactly one week before Easter Sunday, at about 8pm, Audrey heard her neighborhood friends playing in front of our house. She begged us to go play. John and I both said no, it was too late and time to get ready for bed. But all the kids were out, so we caved... I headed upstairs to take a shower, and John and Audrey split with a helmet (thankfully) and scooter in-hand. 

About 15 minutes later, John came upstairs and suggested I look at something. 
I hear Audrey crying in the background. Really crying. 

My darling girl had fallen off her scooter, and directly on her chin. 
It was split wide open.

It was bloody, and deep (like you could see fat). 
It was horrible.

And, so at about 8:30pm, we headed to the ER for some stitches. 

Her first, and hopefully last, stitches. 

If there was anything good about that night, we were lucky that it was night. The ER was busy, and we were their low priority. By the time we got back and actually saw a nurse/physician's assistant, it was 10pm. By the time they were ready to stitch her up, it was 11pm... 
And, Audrey was sound asleep.

We were relieved to watch her sleep through the hardest part (about a dozen shots to fully numb her chin). At some point in the middle of getting stitched, Audrey did wake up to a few adult faces right in front of her face. She was terrified. She didn't know what was going on, but she was fully numb by that point. At least she couldn't feel any pain.

We promised her an ice cream sundae as soon as we got home, which we enjoyed at about 1am before (finally) getting to bed. 


The next morning, John had to head to work (unfortunately), but Audrey and I we slept in and played hooky from work/school. 

My pretty patient deserved to be spoiled after such a rough night...

So our day off started with cartoons and breakfast in Mom and Dad's bed! 

We got dressed, and headed downstairs for a few surprise outings....

Only to find a big surprise from Grandma and Papa!! 

Then, we had errands to run. The very important Toys-R-Us type of errands...

I let Audrey choose between one big toy, or two small toys. Anything she wanted. 
She decided on a flying ferry, and Frozen jewelry. 

But, the best part of our day was the Irvine Easter Festival!!! 
We probably wouldn't have gone otherwise. It's just too crowded on the weekends. 

It was great (therapeutic, really) to visit the Easter Bunny...

Play festival games and win prizes...

And, we enjoyed a train ride through the park... 

And ponies!! They know how to make any kid feel better...

John checked in on his favorite patient all day, and couldn't believe to hear about the fun we were having on our day off! 

"Kerry, you're going to teach her to WANT to get hurt if this is what she gets." 

This cautious girl probably won't change, or become a rebel overnight. Plus, she wouldn't walk in front of any mirror all week unless a giant bandaid was covering the injury. 

She REALLY didn't want to see it. No way she'll want that again!


And, we were extra unlucky that week because her Kindergarten doctor's appointment was also on our schedule... and, the visit included five shots. 

Finally, there was another doctor's appointment a few days after that to get the stitches removed...

Too many doctors for one week, if you ask me. 
But, we enjoyed the the time "off" as best as we could. 

And, I'd say she learned a little bit about bravery. 

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