Saturday, July 25, 2015

Santa Barbara in the Spring

Sometimes (as in, when we actually have time), we can be spontaneous. And there was one weekend in April that was just that!! 

It started with a scenic (albeit somewhat long) train ride to Santa Barbara! 

We brought a breakfast picnic and fun snacks for the ride, plus played card games (and mostly the iPad). 

The trip took four hours, but that last hour entirely along the coast... We loved it.

The train station is right downtown in Santa Barbara, and so was our hotel! 

We spent four days just walking up, down and in between the main streets.

We also spent an afternoon at the Santa Barbara Zoo....

And, Audrey fed a giraffe! 

We checked out the mission...

And the "funk zone" was a fun neighborhood for hanging out, filled with tasting rooms of nearby wineries...

So many fun parks in Santa Barbara too...

We even spent Earth Day at their downtown festival!

And, did I mention the BEACH??? 

Such an easy-breezy weekend, and another beautiful memory together. 

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