Monday, August 24, 2015

Audrey's 1st Day of Kindergarten!

Couldn't be prouder of our big girl!!!

I interviewed Audrey after school a few days during her first week of Kindergarten. 
Here's what she had to say....

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dr. Daddy

It's never a good day when Audrey's sick and needs to visit the doctor. 
However, this trip was made just a bit better because Daddy was her doctor! 

Audrey was nervous about getting her first x-ray, but everything was a-ok, and we were all so happy that Daddy was in charge!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Mommy Camp 2015

Now that Audrey is a pre-k graduate, we've found ourselves with a REAL summer break. No full-time daycare for this big girl (meaning Audrey AND me, of course). This summer, I had to get really creative to fill her schedule with as much fun and even some learning as possible! She needs to stay entertained, and I do need time to get work done as well... 

So, I introduced the first-ever Mommy Camp!! 

Mommy Camp included booking reservations at some real summer camps (let's be honest), and it all started with two weeks at the zoo!

Audrey really enjoyed story time with the animals, "creature crafting" and more! 

I also enrolled her in a few classes, "Ocean Adventures" and "Little Lego Makers" at her new school. That was a great idea because she got a head start making friends with some of her upcoming Kindergarten classmates. Plus, she got to know her new school and even some teachers! 

She (sorta) enjoyed swim camp this summer, but we'll need to keep practicing. 

I organized a one-week "Camp OC" where we enjoyed all our southern California favorites like...

Beach time.


We also took advantage of our own "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" where Audrey showed everyone who was really the boss. 

I surprised Audrey with a one-day "CANDY CAMP" that included a tour (and lots of tastings) at the Jelly Belly Factory! 

On my busiest work days, I organized at-home Mommy Camps like this one... 

It was our own version of "Art Camp" where I set the kitchen timer and introduced new art projects on the hour, every hour. 

After about a full day of art, we converted our living room into an art show and waited for Daddy to get home. This was our set-up...  

It wasn't exactly $25 Million, but she did earn $27. 

The next day was our "Kindness Camp" where I encouraged Audrey to think of something kind to do with the money she raised from selling her art. She decided that she wanted to donate it to help animals, so we took a quick trip to the SPCA. 

What happened after that just blew us away...

The following day, the SPCA posted about Audrey's kind deed on their Facebook page. Thousands of people replied to the photo, commenting on how wonderful and sweet Audrey was, and it was just a really special day for all three of us! Audrey felt so great about making her donation, and all the attention did help us prove the point that it matters to think of others and do kind deeds. 

We were so proud of Audrey! 

I was grateful to Cyril who hosted a daily, one hour French camp with Audrey. That was really great!! I spent most of my lunch hours at "Sight Words Camp" where we practiced reading, and every afternoon she and I would plug in an exercise DVD and tackle "Fitness Camp" together. 

It was a hectic, but really great summer just soaking in every last moment before my little girl is off to Kindergarten!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Congrats Grad!

Our Spring Graduation Season started off with Kellan graduating from high school!!

He's off to Wisconsin for college, and we're so proud of him and excited for all the good things to come! 

Audrey's practically 16 and in high school herself. 

Then it was John's turn to graduate... from RESIDENCY!!! 
OMG, it's here!! He's done with this chapter and it's unreal. 

John's co-residents, UC Irvine, Class of 2015.

We're SO PROUD of John!! He's worked so hard, and it's incredible what he's accomplished!! You are an amazing doctor and we're so excited for Fellowship at UC Davis!!